Elektrownia Północ has dropped to place nr 3 on the investor’s priority list which makes its future rather uncertain. Now the implementation of this project depends on two factors: either the market prices of energy increase, which would make this facility profitable, or the Polish government creates a system of support for coal projects. ‘The government must do something for development of such assets in Poland. Otherwise such conventional projects will remain unprofitable’ – said Zbigniew Prokopowicz, PEP’s CEO.

Currently Polenergia invests in wind projects, and plans to run 200 MW on land in 2016 and extend it by another 500 MW. The company is also counting on gas infrastructure that would join Poland with Ukraine and also allow gas import from Germany.

The investor’s decision clearly shows the end of an era of dirty coal projects. Creating artificial conditions that would support coal energy sector will only postpone what has already started all around the world – rapid development of clean and safe renewable energy. It will be in the citizens’ of Pomerania best interest to invest in this new energy model based on citizen energy.