The news that a coal-fired power plant was going to be built in the heart of Pomerania outraged the community and motivated its members to action. Ewa Szybalska from FabLab spares no harsh criticism for his project:

In my opinion the idea of building a coal-fired power plant stems from greed, ruthlessness and shortsightedness. It is nothing but a bad joke. Fortunately, the society has been given access to information on catastrophic consequences of fossil fuels’ exploitation and on alternative sources of clean energy, which is why the civil resistance against such dirty investments is growing. The times when one could ignore facts and treat people like idiots are long gone.

The Stop Północ Power Plant (StopEP) coalition is formed by local and national civil society organizations which work for health, environment and climate protection as well as to promote sustainable development based on clean energy with respect for these values. We are happy to welcome FabLab Elbląg and would like to invite other organizations who share our values and resist the Północ Power Plant project to join the coalition.