Integrated permit

Status: no permit, proceeding suspended

Integrated permit is a crucial document without which an investor cannot activate a constructed power plant. It lists all the impacts the project will have on the environment.

On the 28th of April 2015 the marshal of the Pomeranian voivodship suspended the proceedings on the request of the investor himself. The reason for investor’s decision remains unknown, however one may speculate that he does not know what exact technologies would be used in the power plant. Taking into consideration that among them are technologies used for environmental protection it is unfathomable on what grounds had this project obtained the building permit in the first place.

Several major discrepancies occur between emission levels as stated in this document and in the EIA Report, where heavy metals’ emissions are 100 times lower, which is downright incorrect. As a result the company would be given a permit to emit large amounts of pollutants (integrated permit), even though the building permit would be granted for a project which would emit nearly no such substances.

Building permit for high-voltage lines

Status for the line in Tczew: no permit, no need to adjudicate

Status for the line in Starogard: no permit, appealed against

Construction of high-voltage lines to transmit energy from Elektrownia Północ is a separate project. As the lines would cross several municipalities, one proceeding is conducted in Tczew, another in Starogard.

As a result of discrepancies in the documentation and the fact that it was incomplete, in 2015 the starost of Tczew called on the investor to amend it. The investor filed for suspension of this proceeding, yet was not granted a permit to do so. The investor failed to amend the documentation and withdrew the request for building permit. The proceeding was cancelled.

The permit for the other section of the high-voltage lines was granted, yet in 2015 NGOs appealed against it. No decision has been issued yet.